3 FNRS ASP Grants

June 29 2022

Congratulations to our PhD students who obtained FNRS reasearch grants : Dimitri Konen, Fabrizio Leone and Giovanni Marianni.

Dimitri Konen : Mathematical Statistics, Multivariate Quantiles and Ranks : This research aims at developping and understanding multivariate analogs of the well-known univariate quantiles and cumulative distribution function, which are of paramount interest in several inferential applications such as depth-based supervised classification or outlyiers detection, but also in risk assessment.

Fabrizio LeoneEssays on Multinational Enterprises and Technological Change : The last decades have been characterized by two key trends: globalization and technological change. On the one hand, advances in information and communication technology and falling trade barriers have enabled firms to become multinationals and operate globally. On the other, the benefits of economies of scale have incentivized unprecedented technological progress. Although this process has lifted millions of people out of poverty, it has also drastically changed societies.  The broad goal of my research project “Essays on Multinational Enterprises and Technological Change” is to understand the drivers and consequences of globalization and technological change, the interplay between them, and the key role played by multinationals.

Giovanni Mariani Inequality and Redistribution in Belgium: a new perspective : My project studies the relationship between public goods consumption and inequality. It aims to understand how the geographical allocation of in-kind benefits affects the way individuals benefit from them, controlling for socioeconomic characteristics. Moreover, using hedonic regressions and machine learning techniques, I will retrieve the market price of public goods, extending and refining the first set of results. In conclusion, I will investigate the determinants of public goods provision. I will study how the extension of the voting rights in municipal elections to non-Belgian citizens affects public spending. To this extent, I will use a “natural experiment”, the decision to extend voting rights to non-EU citizens in Belgium in municipal elections from 2004 on.”

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Best Paper Prize

1 August 2022

We are very proud to announce that our PhD student Fabrizio Leone has won the best paper prize at the “XX SIEPI Workshop” for his work “Foreign Ownership and Robot Adoption“.

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