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Weakening transferable utility: the case of non-intersecting Pareto curves
Journal of Economic Theory (forthcoming)
Thomas Demuynck & Tom Potoms

Forced Displacement, Migration and Fertility: Evidence from Burundi (forthcoming)
Population and Development Review
Philip Verwimp, Davide Osti and Gudrun Ostby

The political economy of trade and migration: Evidence from the U.S. Congress (forthcoming)
Economics & Politics
Paola Conconi, Giovanni Facchini, Max Steinhardt, Maurizio Zanardi

Abortion, Environment, Guns: How Single-Minded Voters Shape Politicians’ Decisions (forthcoming)
Review of Economics and Statistics
Laurent Bouton, Paola Conconi, Francisco Pino and Maurizio Zanardi

Knocking on Tax Haven’s Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer Pricing (2018)
Review of Economics and Statistics 100
Ronald Davies, Julien Martin, Mathieu Parenti and Farid Toubal