2022 Wetrems PrizeDavid PreinerstorferMathematics and Physics prize awarded by the Classe des Sciences of the Royal Academy of Belgium
Membre titulaire de la Classe des Sciences 2022Christine De MolAcadémie royale de Belgique
Best paper prize at the “XX SIEPI Workshop”
Fabrizio LeoneForeign Ownership and Robot Adoption
Pierre-Simon de Laplace Prize
Marc HallinThis prize, which is the SFdS’s highest scientific distinction, is awarded every three years and rewards the lifetime achievementof a statistician who has made a significant contribution to the development of statistics in France. The prize will be given to Marc during the annual meeting of the French Statistical Society to be held in Lyon in June.
Adolphe Wetrems prize from the Belgian Academy of Sciences
Thomas VerdeboutPour ses contributions remarquables sur l’analyse de variables multidimensionnelles en statistique mathématique, et en particulier à l’inférence en grande dimension et à la statistique des variables directionnelles.
Prix de la diffusion scientifique ULB
Michel Goldman and Mathias DewatripontPour leurs interventions auprès des journalistes dans le cadre de la pandémie de Covid 19.
Etienne Sadi Kirschen Prize from the Association of Economists of ULB and Solvay Business School (AEBr)
Florine Le HenaffFor her master thesis “Gender gap in environmental concern and pro-environmental behaviors
UNCTAD/Academy of International Business Award
Baptiste SouillardFor the Best Research Work on International Investment and Development for his paper “The Indirect Effect of Import Competition on Corporate Tax Avoidance.”
Best paper at the XXXV Jornadas de Economía Industrial and RIEF Doctoral Meeting
Fabrizio LeoneFor his paper : “Multinational Enterprises, Technology Transfers and Robot Adoption
Member to the High-Level Advisory Group on the main economic and social challenges the European economy will face in the post-Covid environment. 
André SapirThe 8-member Group will advise the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni
Membre titulaire de la Classe Technologie et Société
Estelle CantillonAcadémie royale de Belgique
Council of Regents Appointment
Estelle CantillonNational Bank of Belgium
Teaching Award of SBS-EM
Estelle CantillonFor the “Sustainable Development @ SBSEM” initiative, a team-based project aimed at increasing students’ exposure to sustainability throughout their curriculum.
Francqui Prize
Bram De RockFor his research in analysing individual well-being (together with Laurens Cherchye and Frederic Vermeulen).
Honorary PhD (University of Antwerp)
Mathias DewatripontFor his contributions in the field of the theory of incentives and scientifically based policy contributions to the prudential regulation of financial institutions. See more.
Francqui Chair (USaint-Louis)
Estelle CantillonEn revisitant Hayek: Comment concevoir les marchés pour qu’ils atteignent leurs objectifs?
Teaching Award of SBS-EM
Bram De Rock, Thomas Demuynck and Marjorie Gassner This award recognises our efforts as a team for training the quantitative skills of our undergraduate students.
Best Paper Award at the 2019 Drexel Corporate Governance Conference (sponsored by WRDS)
Marco BechtFor his paper entitled : Corporate Governance Through Exit and Voice” (joint with J. Frakns and H. Wagner)
IOEA 2019 best paper
Stefano FalconeFor his paper entitled : Technological Change, Organizational Capacity and Rural Conflict: Land Occupations in Brazil.
Young Economist Best Paper Award
Marco Luca PinchettiFor his paper entitled “Creative Destruction Cycles: Schumpeterian Growth in an Estimated DSGE Model”.
Best paper award at 17th annual GEP/CEPR post-graduate conference.
Michael Blanga-Gubbay
IAERE Young Environmental Economist Award 2019Elisabetta Cornagoawarded by the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Here
Hans Raupach Best Paper Award
Baptiste Souillard by the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies for “No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothes? Investment climate, Capabilities and Firm Performance in India”.
Etienne Sadi Kirschen Prize
Sarah RosenbergFor best thesis at SBS-EM.
Sun Yefang Award
Patrick LegrosBest economic research in China.
Best Poster Award
Tillmann HeidelkPoster session of ECARES, for paper “The Returns to Education in the Context of a Natural Disaster: Evidence from the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti”.
Prix Kirschen
Sarah RosenbergFor the Best Master’s Thesis in Applied Economics, Solvay Schools Alumni
Pioneer Price of the KU Leuven
Bram De RockThis award is for a research group that has initiated and conducted research that is scientifically innovative and opened a completely new avenue of research. (together with Laurens Cherchye and Frederic Vermeulen).
AAM-CAMRI Prize in Asset Management
Marco Becht (with J. Franks,
J. Grant and H. Wagner)
Best paper prize that “not only recognises but celebrates excellence in applied research, be it empirical or theoretical, that is original and breaks new ground in the thinking, practice, policies and issues affecting the Asian asset management industry”. See
GSBE Excellent Fellow Award (Maastricht University)
Thomas Demuynck
Francqui chair at the University of Namur
Bram De Rock
Research Council award (KULeuven)
Bram De RockFor his work in the Humanities and Social Science group.
Prix Socrate
Antonio EstacheFor outstanding achievement in teaching (can only be obtained once in a career).
The best paper, written by economists under the age of 35
Thomas Demuynck and Bram De RockAwarded by: The scientific committee of the International Conference in memoriam of Maria Concetta Chiuri on Household, Labour and Migration Economics (University of Bari)
ULB Foundation prize
Estelle Cantillon
The prize of the Association of Economics
Bram De Rock For the paper “The revealed preference approach to collective consumption behavior: testing, recovery and welfare analysis” (awarded every two year to Flemish authors under the age of 35). (together with Laurens Cherchye and Frederic Vermeulen).
Francqui Chair KULeuven
Marc Hallin
Jahnsson Medal
Mathias DewatripontFor his path-breaking contributions to both pure and applied contract theory, and organization economics.
Hicks‑Tinbergen Medal
Georg Kirchsteigerby the European Economic Association for the best paper published in the associations’ journal the last two years.
David A. Wells Prize
Estelle Cantillon Best Ph.D. Dissertation (Harvard University, Economics Department).
Young Economist Award
Estelle CantillonFrom the European Association of Research in Industrial Economics.
Francqui Prize
Mathias Dewatripont