FNRS Grant for Estelle Cantillon

December 8 2021

Congratulations to Estelle Cantillon who was awarded a research grant from the FNRS for her research on “Price formation in the EU emissions Trading Scheme: Evidence from theory and transaction data”.

The project builds on ongoing research with Aurélie Slechten (Lancaster University) on the European emissions trading scheme, with a focus on how the microstructure of this market, i.e. its detailed rules, contributes to its performance and, in particular the ability of prices to reflect market fundamentals.  The project will rely on transaction and price data over the period of 2005-2018 and will require extensive data cleaning and manipulation to bring the datasets to a state amenable for analysis. It will explore the impact of internal risk management constraints and the VAT fraud cases on price formation.

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Dimitri KONEN won the Antonella Karlson Prize 2023

4 July 2023

Dimitri KONEN, FNRS candidate at ULB, has been awarded the Antonella Karlson Prize 2023 for his doctoral thesis in the field of mathematics.“I am very pleased to be the recipient of the Antonella Karlson Prize for my research in mathematical statistics. As a young researcher, obtaining recognition for thesis work is very encouraging and motivating …

Mathias Dewatripont has been awarded the title of Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association

16 June 2023

The Foreign Honorary Members award is presented to foreign economists of distinction. Honorees are elected by the American Economic Association’s Executive Committee upon recommendation from the Honors and Awards Committee. American Economic Association (aeaweb.org)

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