FNRS.awards : Baptiste Souillard, Winner of the McKinsey & Company Scientific Award

Baptiste Souillard, postdoctoral researcher at the ULB and former FNRS aspirant, was awarded the McKinsey & Company Scientific Prize for his doctoral thesis in social, economic and management sciences, entitled: “Essays on international trade and corporate tax optimization”.“Very honored to receive this interdisciplinary research award, and very happy that tax optimization has finally become a …

Dimitri KONEN won the Antonella Karlson Prize 2023

Dimitri KONEN, FNRS candidate at ULB, has been awarded the Antonella Karlson Prize 2023 for his doctoral thesis in the field of mathematics.“I am very pleased to be the recipient of the Antonella Karlson Prize for my research in mathematical statistics. As a young researcher, obtaining recognition for thesis work is very encouraging and motivating …

Mathias Dewatripont has been awarded the title of Foreign Honorary Member of the American Economic Association

The Foreign Honorary Members award is presented to foreign economists of distinction. Honorees are elected by the American Economic Association’s Executive Committee upon recommendation from the Honors and Awards Committee. American Economic Association (aeaweb.org)

ECARES @30 : Where Research Meets Society

In the context of Solvay 120 years, ECARES is organizing a conference showcasing the main research fields of our centre and their connection to economic policy. The conference – entitled ECARES@30 : Where Research Meets Society – will take place on June 30 and July 1. Please find attached the program of the conference. You …

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse: Prudential regulation lessons for Europe and the world

Peter Praet, André Sapir and Mathias Dewatripont published a column on VoxEU. While the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank appears to be an example of failure of both bank management and supervision, it also offers insights about prudential regulation. This column draws two main lessons in this respect.